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Upload your "Selfie" Photo" With your Dog" and make chance to win a personalised dog bed by Pet-Joy.com. You can send a photo of your dog sleeping, playing or resting on one of our Pet-Joy dog beds and perhaps you will be the lucky winner! 


Do you want such a crazy and personalised designer dog bed? 

That's possible, because we together with our Facebook fan page organise a monthly 'Selfie' photo competition that enables you to win a free and personalised custom dog bed made by Pet-Joy. Send us a photo of you and your dog in a 'selfie' way or send us a cool looking photo of you and your dog together and upload it through instagram via the following Hashtag:


Get inspired and 'Join In' to take part in this monthly competition.

The winner and his or her dog will be delighted with the new designer custom dog bed made by Pet-Joy and shipped out direct to your home. So Get Creative Now!

Perhaps you will be inspired by the last lucky winner and her dog "NOX" shown..

The Pet-Joy Team

Contestants This Month! #petjoy